Fall-en Down

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I’ve seriously fallen down on my on my fashion writing (but holding up my end on shopping!). I’ve found an hourish of free time so here I sit, hopeful to share a few tips as we roll into fall and winter. Options would be the word I use to describe the season’s trends as the weather cools off. The good news, pretty much anything goes. The better news, it’s easy to go out and pick up a few pieces without purchasing a full new wardrobe. Embracing one or two of these on-the-mark suggestions will make you the most stylish lady wherever you go.


Plaid – You can’t go wrong with anything plaid. I personally like it in unexpected ways.

Plaid Pants

Love the pants with a simple sweater.
Plaid Skirt

Skirt and chambray – very chic.  Plaid Anything - Jacket

Plaid Jackets. Say no more. Jackets are a weakness of mine and my coat closet.

Scarves – If you don’t want to go all out plaid, you can accent with a scarf. You will not be able to pass a clothing section in any store without noticing the ten to twenty (hundred) scarf options. Blanket scarfs are really hot. With a quick search on Pinterest,  you’ll be able to find numerous ways to wear it. If you feel like you’re wearing a neck brace, go for a scarf with less fabric.

Blanket Scarf

Love my blue plaid – GO ROYALS!

Scarf with Belt

I love this makeshift poncho with belt. Keep your under layers thin and then wrap it up. Plaid Blanket Scarf 3

Full frontal wrap with a simple white shirt. Plaid Blanket Scarf 2

Drape it over your shoulders and go. And I’m a sucker for plaid and leopard.Plaid Blanekt Scarf

Over your jacket for an added layer. Cute and cozy.

Buffalo Check – aka fall gingham. Another version of plaid, but with a little more boldness of say a checker board. My advice: mix it with another pattern like plaid or stripes.

Mags and Kristin Buffalo Check

Oh yes we did. No, we did’t plan ahead.

Buffalo Check

Mixing. This is SO good. Buffalo Check 2

Buffalo Check 3

When a favorite trend is turned into a dress, I usually add it to my closet.

Booties – This is not necessarily new, but the bootie selection has dramatically evolved. All designers and stores have their own version. Accessibility makes this an easy trend for everyone. Decide what you want to spend and how you are going to wear them (with jeans or with a dress) to finalize your purchase. Look at the details, like a bit of fringe or various options on where it hits you at or above the ankles. Try on a few and decide what you like best. For me, wedges are always a favorite because they are comfortable and more everyday wear. They also help hide my true height. Which I am constantly able to lie about because of the wedge.


Bell Bottoms Boho – I’m not sure this ever went out of style, maybe just out of trend. I hope you didn’t throw out all of your old jeans. Although, to pull off this trend you need more than a boot cut. Go for the full leg and make sure you have them tailored with the exact length for the shoes you plan on wearing with them. The hem has to go to the floor (without fear of tripping). If you do fall, at least you’ll look good.

Bell Bottoms 2

Just the right length.

Bell Bottoms

Most likely neither of these ladies are wearing flats. The heel helps elongate the leg. Embrace the stilt look.

Suede – Different fabrics add texture to your outfit. Designers love to experiment with texture and pull from past fashion inspiration to make them modern day chic. Leather has been a trend over the past few years. This year suede is having a moment. Velvet is peeking through, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is what I’m writing about next year. A suede coat or shoes is an easy way to add this trend to your wardrobe (or maybe you already have this in your closet – dust them off). I’ve personally bought two velvet dresses that I am in love with!

Suede Chicago

My sister brought this baby back to me from Zara in London. It also comes in a very pretty maroon color. Total steal for $50 (no idea what she paid in pounds). Thanks Jen – love ya! Oh- note the fringe necklace which I got from bauble bar. My favorite jewelry purchase of the season and comes in multiple colors!

Suede dress 1

Zara online is a weakness of mine.

Suede Dress

Mixing the coverall trend with suede. Oh and some fringe. I’ll get there in a minute.

Knee High Boots – I’ve have been dropping some serious hints to the hubs that these are what I want for my upcoming 29th birthday. Push the Pretty Woman stigma out of your head and get on board. One word to describe this. HOT.

Over the Knee Boots


Over the Knee Boots 2

A little sassy, but oh so good.

Fringe – Okay, last thing for today because I desperately need to wash my hair. Fringe is everywhere. I like it a lot, but I advise to use it sparingly. Like only one something of fringe per outfit. I was born in the 70’s despite my impending 22 birthday, wait, how old did I say I was up there? Anyway, I love boho. But we are in 2015 so what will make you look more stylish than halloween costumeish is to use it in just the right way.

Fringe and Hats

Classic look. Oh, one more trend – hats. If I had chosen to talk about this, I probably wouldn’t have to wash my hair. Don’t be afraid to throw on a hat!

fringe purse

Perfect fringe accent. Fringe Purse 2

I got this fringe goddess at Lulu’s in Mission. This is a Tori Burch which I normally wouldn’t mention. I am neutral on brands. I definitely appreciate them and would like them in my closet, but they don’t always fit in my budget. I’m all about the bang for my buck. So when I found this gem in the fabulous second hand store for a serious STEAL, I called the hubs and told him we won the lottery. Turns out we have definitions of the phrase “winning the lottery.” fringe scarf

She has A LOT going on. Tights, cut-off shorts. shirt, sweater, fringe scarf. She looks GORGEOUS!

Hope some of these ideas will help you in your shopping and outfit choosing adventures for the season change and looming necessary joyful holiday shopping sprees.

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PS – this took way longer than an hour to write but I loved every two hours and fourteen minutes.