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The reason I started this blog was to share my favorite local boutiques. When someone compliments me on my outfit, I love telling them where I found it, especially if it’s local. The best was when I started to tell a mommy friend where I got a dress and she literally started to unzip my dress to look at the tag. Anything for fashion!

SCOOBIE hasn’t been around for all that long but has shot to the top of my favorites list. I hosted a SCOOBIE trunk show at my house a while back and when my friends got the invite, many of them asked what’s SCOOBIE? It’s been a well-kept secret – but not for much longer. Shop owner and buyer, Sarah Wilson, started with a small space in Trendz (151st and Nall) and has quickly expanded her presence to KC Garment District (14th and Main, downtown) and is on the search for a third location.

I can always find the season’s fresh styles on the racks and price points are kept under $100, with most inventory less than $80. Let’s just get to the good stuff with some of my favorite pieces she’s got right now.



This dress is amazing. Fitted at the top, flares at the waste (very flattering) and the picture is not doing the pattern justice. I tried this on and LOVE it. I’ve got it on my mind for a birthday outfit. The coat added the perfect layer. Black tights and heels/booties and you are ready for a night on the town. This dress screams FUN!


Scoobie 1

How cute is this? Love the skirt with the red top. Would look great with black tights and booties or tights and black tall boots. Throw the black jacket on from the above picture and you’ll be the best dressed whether for work or dinner with friends.





Scoobie 2

I own this dress. (See unzip dress story from above). The fabric has the comfort of a sweatshirt, with the cuteness of a dress. I styled my dress with a black long sleeve shirt underneath, black tights and black booties (are we seeing a theme with the black tights and booties?) and wore it to a fun night out painting (and wine) with friends.



Scoobie PicHere’s one my favorite recent purchases available at SCOOBIE. Told you I was all about the poncho! It was so warm, I didn’t need a coat for the day.


SCOOBIE receives numerous shipments each week with new styles for the stores. The other great way to keep track of the latest items is by following SCOOBIE on Instagram @shopscoobie or Facebook @shopscoobie. New photos are uploaded daily. If you can’t make it to the store, you can contact Sarah directly via email: and she will ship to you for free.

I hope you stop in and find something you love! Tell them SearleGirls sent you!


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The Finishing Touch

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Jewelry. It’s an important part of the overall look. In full disclosure, this is not my strongest area when it comes to my own style. While I can spot brilliant accessorizing every time I see it on someone else, I find it hard to get it right on myself. But I’m excited to say I’ve gotten better at it, in part because I found some amazing staple pieces through Stella & Dot.

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Brigid Reisch. She is one of the best Stella & Dot reps in Kansas City and it was the first time I really got a chance to look at a wide variety of the jewelry that they offer. I left with three pieces that night and they have been a constant in my wardrobe. The price point is affordable and the quality is excellent.

On my quest to become a better accessorizer, these are tips I’ve found helpful:

1) Layers. I love to layer my jewelry. Most of the pieces I buy are simple on their own for a more casual look, but when I put them together they become a jewelry powerhouse.

2) Mix Metals. Despite my platinum wedding bands, I’m obsessed with gold. But I love the look of mixing the metals. There are no rules, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

3) Color. If I go for a statement piece, I want it to be a pop of color so it will truly be a statement against my outfit.

Love this layer look:

Stella and Dot 4








So here are some of my favorite pieces from Stella & Dot:

Gold Ball Chain & Charms. I just bought this in a longer chain with both of my daughter’s initials. I can’t wait to add the horse shoe, wishbone and feather charms. Perfect everyday piece. Chain $36. Charms $18-$23.

Stella Dot








Sparkle. Who doesn’t love a little bling? This is simple and a great layering piece.  $59

Stella and Dot 2









The Pendant or Tassel. The longer length and tassel bring your eye to the center and create a slimming effect. I’m not above using optical illusions to achieve this look.   $69

Stella and Dot 3









Reversible Bracelet. I just got this piece to add to my bracelet layers. It’s reversible so it can be more formal or just solid gold for more casual. $34


Stella and Dot 5









After I bought my pieces I wanted to find out a bit more about the company. It turns out Stella & Dot was founded by a stay at home mom selling jewelry out of her house. She had a vision and has turned it into a hugely successful global business giving other woman flexibility while selling a great product. For some reason, when I hear amazing stories of multi-tasking women making it big, it always makes me love the company more. And it’s helping my friends locally. Even better.

You can check out more looks and purchase through this link for the next three weeks.

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Second Place – Still Pretty Good

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I’ve been seeing this shirt pop up in my Facebook news feed.










Enough time has passed and I’m finally to the grieving phase where I find this incredibly hilarious and awesome. I must have one.

Normal Human | Wears & Wares has created this and other classic second place world champs shirts for those of us who want to commemorate one of the best Octobers. Ever. I had not heard of this local store (gasp!), and I love a new store find. Here’s the scoop.

Normal Human’s website describes themselves as “…a small retail screen printing shop selling original designs on various wears & wares including shirts, aprons, tote bags, cards, tea towels, baby clothes, pet apparel and anything else that catches our fancy. Our designs, which are often locally-focused, are hand-printed in small batches, adding unique qualities to all items in our store, and we aim to use environmentally-friendly products whenever possible.”

LOVE! They’ve got so many cool KC original art shirts to choose from. I can’t wait to stop by and check the store out myself. If you can’t make it in person, it’s your lucky day because they sell their goods online too!

This shirt perfectly sums up Kansas City sports fans. We love our teams no matter what.

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Fall/Winter Inspiration

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This cold snap has me shaking in my booties. After an amazing October where I was constantly patting myself on the back for choosing such a wonderful city to live in, the polar vortex arrived and I quickly began berating myself for rooting in the Midwest where the temperature can fluctuate thirty degrees during dinner. But it’s here and I guess I have to accept it.

For me, the silver lining of the seasons changing, is pulling out the old (which feel like new again) clothes from the closet. And then furthering the excitement by referencing all the awesome fresh styles of the season and where I can find them so they can become part of my wardrobe family.

All the magazines and pins I’ve scoured through this year have left me wanting more. Plaid has proven to be a major player. I like plaid but that’s one of the few new styles that have emerged. Many of the same colors and styles are still on trend from last year’s fall/winter. Needing inspiration on what I’m going to do with my favorite (old) pieces, here are my top three favorite add-ins for fall/winter 2014.

1. Fur. I’m slightly obsessed with fur and when you see me next, its most likely what I will be wearing. It’s the perfectly cozy addition for this cold weather. Add a vest for the layered look or a sweater that has a fur trim accent if you decide you don’t want to go full on fur. I’m talking faux, of course. Check out Fab Fashion Fix’s Style Guide on How to Wear Faux Fur. Awesome pictures!







2. Heels. I’m a wedge fanatic and I have more than my fair share of wedge booties. This season I’m looking to switch up the footwear a bit. Heels are harder to walk in and much less comfortable, but I’m on a mission to find the perfect heels that will look great with jeans (and my fur). I’ll keep you posted on what I find. Aldo shoes has a this pretty pair I’m keeping my eye on for when they go on sale.







3. Ponchos and Capes. I remember this trend was hot about ten years ago. I was living in Miami, FL where the last thing I needed was a layer, yet I had about ten ponchos. The trend faded out and I donated them all. So now I’m back on the search for the perfect poncho. Here’s a cute one from Apricot Lane at Zona Rosa. Too bad poncho doesn’t have the same panache as leather or lace.







One bonus item I’ll throw on the list is a great pair of distressed denim. And guess what, if you’ve got an old pair of jeans that you don’t mind taking a razor and scissors to you can create them yourself. Check out an easy DYI here.

distressed jeans






Thanks for stopping by! Check back often for upcoming posts on my favorite Kansas City boutiques.

Lastly, SearleGirls is hosting a Shop & Sip next Thursday, November 20 at Amelia’s boutique in Briarcliff Village. Stop by from 6:30-8:30 p.m. if you are in the neighborhood.

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Passion Project

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Well, I feel late to the party. Are blogs so yesterday? Is it crazy that I just grasped the concept of a blog recently? And even crazier to think I can actually have one of my own? Probably. Here goes nothing.


Most of you who are reading this (all two of you – thank you!) know that I love to shop and dress up. This is a genetic make up in my DNA. I swear I have been this way since I was born, or at least old enough to say “Take me to the mall.”  Ask my mom.


For me, it’s about the thrill of finding that perfect outfit for that perfect event (even if it is every day running like a chicken with her head cut off) at the perfect price. That pretty much sums up what I’ll be writing about here.


I’m blessed to have some really wonderful friends. Friends who boost me up when I’m down and make me laugh when I’m on the brink of crazy town. It’s these very same friends who often compliment me on what I’m wearing. I would think to myself, I have the nicest friends – beauty of living in the Midwest, am I right? But those numerous and sincere compliments have given me enough confidence to share my thoughts on fashion. Thank you to my dear friends and family who encouraged me to actually do this. I love you for your vote of confidence.


I can’t wait to share fabulous finds, my #OOTD, the best boutiques, my favorite random things and hopefully give you a bit of inspiration to look at your closet with a fresh perspective and then go pump some money into the economy (local, of course!).


With that being said, I’m excited to launch SEARLE GIRLS.

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